Red Black Sand Blasting Garnet Sand



Industry-specific attributes

water treatment media
Abrasive Grain Sizes
30Mesh 40 mesh 60 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh 120 mesh
Other attributes

Place of Origin

3 yearsBrand Name

Honest Horse

Model Number2040


water treatment/Water jet/sand blasting abrasiveProduct name

garnet roughColor

Dark RedWorking Temperature

1300 degree CelsiusMohs Hardness

7.5-8.0Average Bulk

2.4 g/cm3Application

water filtrationShape



A A+ 


Specific Weight4.1g/cm3
Average Bulk2.4g/cm3
Hardness8 Mohs
Crystal SystemCubic
Free flow90% Minimum
ConductivityLess than 25 Microsiemens per Meter
Radio ActivityNot detectable above background
Free Sinica ContentNone


china big bag red super garnet sand blasting

Water filtration

china big bag red super garnet sand blasting

Garnet water jet sand

There are many names for water jet sand, such as water jet cutting sand, water jet special sand, first-class water jet sand, etc. The more commonly used meshes are 60 mesh and 80 mesh and 120 mesh. Garnet sand can be used as abrasive for ultra-high pressure water jet cutting equipment. It has a wide range of uses. Water jet cutting is the fastest growing machine tool processing technology in the world. It can cut various soft materials such as rubber foam, food, paper. Etc., when a small amount of garnet sand is added and mixed with it, the resulting sanded water arrow can cut any hard material such as metal, stone, composite materials, etc.

The water jet sand produced by our company has the following product characteristics:
1. Garnet belongs to iron-aluminum garnet with high hardness, sharp edges and corners, and fast cutting speed.
2. The particle has high purity and few impurities. After 6 times of washing, it is clean without dust and impurities, and it is easy to clean.
3. The particles of garnet products are strictly proportioned, and the particles are uniform and the cutting surface is more smooth and flat.
4. The quality is good, no large particles block the sand pipe, and the accessories wear less and save costs.

(1)Steel structure, hull, bridges and other sand-blasting;
(2) Metal, stone, glass and other water jet cutting;
(3) Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment filters media;
(4) Polishing marble, optical lenses, glassware, leather and other materials;
(5) Wheel, Whetstone, emery cloth, sandpaper raw materials;
(6) Motorways, runways, wear rubber, non-slip paint and other wear-resistant materials;
(7) Its widely used in the construction industry in the field of high-grade lacquer interior wall decoration elegant temperament.

Garnet sand products:
1). angular sharp, efficient
2). economical abrasive
3). pollution-free production process
4). high purity,low impurity, multiple gravity separation and magnetic separation
5). Poisonless and tasteless without radioactivity
6). environmental health, free of free silicon

Package:25kg / 50kg/500kg/1 jumbo bag (woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic film). Note that during storage, moisture, sun, water, try to avoid the packaging is damaged, so as not to affect the adsorption effect.
Delivery Time: within 5-7 days after the confirmed order