Red Oxide Powder


Red Oxide Minerals/Hematite Powder


We have the pleasure to introduce our selves one of the leading mine’s owner & producer of high-quality natural Red Oxide Minerals from Pakistan.


Physical properties:

Lumps,Pieces,targets,granules and various powder/partical granulation to 0.003 Mirons(3 nanometers).


Chemicals Properties:

Composition of Ore=Fe2O3=50-90% Iron Content=58-67% with less than 2% magnetics.Purity avaialble as high 95% min.


Typical Properties:

Used in Coating, rubber, adhesive, plastic, concrete,an Iron Ore in steel Manufacturer, a density media, and polishing rouge. Red Iron Oxide Used for coloring of construction, paints, plastic rubber, printing ink, porcelain,color asphalt,paper dyes etc.

The construction material including metope,ground and marble,and the painting material including oil paint, antisepsis, spray,mosaic bricks, for concrete production, bricks used in pavement, colorful tiles etc.



Naturally found in rocks of all ages, stubby, black crystal, very heavy usually anti_ferromagnetic, it is also available as a synthetic product.


Formula: Fe2O3